Vanity replacement

When the boat was first purchased the original buyer went with the vanity option which had a swing out seat under a counter with a mirror on the starboard hull.

Sol Purpose

Stock picture from another boat

The previous owner made an attempt to convert this to a usable cupboard by removing the seat and putting a shelf and doors on.  There was still a lot of wasted space and it did not match the existing woodwork.Sol Purpose

This was better than nothing but did not suit our storage requirements if we were to liveaboard.  We decided to contract out the work as my wood working skills tend more towards the butchery side than the carpentry side 🙂

A local carpenter did a great job with the installation which left us with 2 large pull out drawers and 2 shelves for holding the three toolboxes we have.  The vanity table was moved up as high as it would go without interfering with the trim on its fwd side and 2 doors were put on that matched the existing hanging cupboard.  The vanity top still opens upwards for a small storage area.

Sol Purpose Sol Purpose

Sol Purpose

Sol Purpose

Sol Purpose

Sol Purpose

We stained the doors and drawers with Minwax gunmetal stain and then gave everything 3 coats of Defthane Polyurethane Satin as this is what the rest of the boat interior was commissioned with.

Sol Purpose

Sol PurposeSol Purpose

We also fitted rub strakes to the shelf edges to protect the teak from the toolboxes.

Sol Purpose

We have since found that in rough seas the drawers can slide out and push the doors open leading to a loud crash and clothing everywhere so I installed barrel bolts on the front edge of the drawers to ensure that they are kept in place during bad passages.


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