Fwd head replumb

For a few years I have toyed with the idea of replumbing the fwd head to allow either a salt water or fresh water flush.  I have been able to pull the shower head out of the sink and hold it inside the bowl whilst flushing but it always seemed awkward and required more training of the land lubbers than I wanted to do.  I had thought to do away with the salt water flush altogether and use that supply line somehow tie into the fresh water line.  That would free up the 3/4″ thru hull for a salt water wash down pump project in my future 🙂

In the end, as usual, I wanted it all.  I finally decided to supply a fresh water line to an area close to the connector that feeds the bowl rim.  If I kept the supply valve somewhat higher than the rim, I should be able to avoid worrying about salt water getting back in to the fresh water supply.  This could only happen if salt water flushing and in that case the water would take the path of least resistance which would be to the bowl rim, not up the pipe to the flushing valve.

The pictures below show the original configuration that most Calibers come with.

Sol Purpose

Sol PurposeThe existing plumbing was with Pex and Qest fittings which are still relatively easy to source.  I bought a new faucet as well as a 1/4 turn supply valve to supply the toilet.  With this and a few fittings I was ready to go.  The picture below shows the proposed plumbing runs.

Sol Purpose

I removed the old faucet and cut the Pex pipe back by an inch to have a clean end as the old configuration had the brass supply pipes from the faucet jammed inside the Pex pipe with sealant and 2 pipe clamps.  I fitted the new Qest fittings and the new faucet and cut a length of Pex to run to the flushing valve.

Sol Purpose

Sol Purpose

I then drilled the new hole in the surface next to the sink to take the flushing valve along with the hole in the wall behind the bowl for the supply line.  There is a small gap behind this wall and the hull of the boat which I had been able to check for fit earlier.

Sol Purpose

As the space was tight I had to assemble the 3/4″ sanitation hose tying the salt water , fresh water and bowl feed together, with the bowl off the toilet.  I was therefore forced to overhaul the whole toilet as it didn’t seem fair to the toilet at that point, that it didn’t get the same attention.  There are quite a few components to the Raritan PHII head… just saying.

Sol PurposeWith everything cleaned, lubed, O’rings replaced and rebuilt I connected the bowl rim connector to the 3/4″sanitation hose and then bolted it back to the base

Sol PurposeWe now have a functioning toilet that can either be fresh or salt water flushed and the whole setup is much more appealing to the eyes

Sol PurposeThe only thing that I would have done differently if I had been able to find it would have been to install a valve that shut itself off like public shower push buttons just in case one of our land lubber friends walked away with it still on.  Not a problem on a regular toilet but definitely not the case for a marine head that has no overflow protection apart from the shower drain in the head!


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