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Birthday trip

A little progress has been made on the project list over the past three weeks.  The adjustments to the fridge and freezer are almost done, and a lot more items have left the storage unit.  I’m beginning to think that we might actually be able to clear it by the end of the year!  The preparation work for installing the new oven has also begun – I’m looking forward to cooking for Thanksgiving!

The main reason for the relatively slow progress this month is that it was Moray’s 50th birthday, and we celebrated in style with a 6 day trip to San Diego.  We stayed in a great Airbnb in Ocean Beach (thank you to our hosts, Marie and Charles).  We had a busy few days, but so much fun!

On Friday, Moray got to try flyboarding for the first time .  The water was a little chilly but he did really well and had a blast!  See the video of his experience on YouTube

We spent Saturday in Catalina, scuba diving.  The plan had been to dive the kelp forest, but the combination of warm waters and a storm have all but wiped out the kelp.  Still, we had two great dives, with our divemaster, Ruth.

We borrowed the bicycles from the Airbnb on Sunday, and rode up to the Cabrillo State Park.  I haven’t ridden a bicycle for many years, so I struggled up the hills, much to Moray’s amusement.  It was well worth it for the great views.  Also, we were fortunate enough to visit on one of the two days each year that the original lighthouse is open to the public.  The knowledgeable docents were all dressed in period costume which added to the fun.

Monday was Moray’s birthday and his wish was to go to Tijuana.  We parked in a lot near the border, and walked across into Mexico.  We spent the afternoon walking around, sitting in cafes and bars, and people watching.  There were some interesting sights to behold, in particular the young lady who was channeling her inner Nicki Minaj, and had kept at least one plastic surgeon in a very good lifestyle!

Tuesday was a lazy day, spent sitting on beaches in La Jolla, watching the surfers, the seals, and the four crazy men who thought that swimming in 60 degree water was fun!

And oh – the food!  I swear, despite all the walking and cycling, we put on weight.  From the ridiculously huge breakfast at Hash House A Go Go, the wonderful pancakes at Richard Walkers, the great food and service at OB Noodles to the amazing dinner on our last evening at Bo-beau, the variety and quality of the food was superb.

Happy Birthday, Moray!

Now it’s back to Kemah and getting ready to leave.  Watch this space for the oven installation report.




The countdown begins

So we are three months away from starting our cruising life.  After 5 years of thinking, discussing and dreaming, it’s suddenly very close!  And now the preparation has stepped up a pace.  Our “to do” list seems to get longer every day, so we have divided it between “must do before we leave” and “can be done en route”.  That makes things seem a little more achievable – a very little, but every little helps!

The countdown begins

To Do List consists of sticky notes on the dining table – the goal is to move everything to the bottom!

The tasks for November include some final tweaks to the freezer, installing a new oven (watch for Moray’s project updates) and clearing out the storage unit.  When I first moved onto the boat and put all my belongings into storage, I had a very hard time letting go of anything – yes, tears were shed several times!  But as I revisited every six months and cleared out a few more things each time, it got easier.  Now it’s “that can go to Goodwill”, “that belongs on the boat” and “that’s trash” – if I have lived without it for 5 years, I don’t need it!

I’m also trying out various recipes and once I have them right, I will start a recipe section.