Aft Head Clean Up

The original faucet in the aft head was looking the worse for wear.  It was the type where the faucet could be lifted out on a metal hose to use as a shower and the hose was all corroded.  As we have a separate head I didn’t see the need for the shower style sink faucet.

I purchased a faucet that was low profile enough to fit under the cupboard in the head.  I then cut back the Pex hoses to get a clean end and bought the Qest fittings required to connect to the faucet hoses.  While trying to attach the faucet mount under the counter top, I dropped the piece and it slid down the side of the hull and under the floor.  The gap between the hull and floor was less than 1/2″ inch so it was not possible for me to retrieve it, although I did try for about 3 hours!  I had to order another faucet mount kit and finish that part of the work the following week.

I also replaced the sink drain for the second time.  The first time I used Forespar drains which are made of chrome plated, non-corrosive plastic.  After just three years they were peeling and looking like crap.  I therefore bought Skandvik drains which are stainless steel top and a plastic base and barb connector.  The only issue is that the smallest barb fitting is 1″ and the old hose was 3/4″.  I therefore had to replace the small length of hose and barb fitting on the thru hull valve.  I used a full flow elbow which is a 3/4″ thread with a 1″ barb and also used shields multiflex hose as that was the only hose with the tight enough bend radius to make the small run from the sink drain to the thru hull valve.

I replaced both air conditioning thru hulls as the ones that were there were Marelon and one of them was cracked half way down the threads.  I went with bronze thru hulls as they would not be an issue again.

When all was said and done it was a weekend project, excluding finishing the mounting of the faucet.  Below are a couple of pictures of the finished work.

AftHead 002

new faucet with clearance for the cupboard above and new drain

AftHead 004

new AC thru hulls and elbow for sink drain. Note the Pex fittings to the new faucet


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