Shore Power Breaker Box

The breaker boxes for the main A/C and the air conditioning were regular household units, i.e. they were made of Home Depot parts and the face of one of them had snapped off.  This meant that the breaker was falling out of the box.  The one for the air conditioning had three wires that exited the breaker box running across the engine room, into the fwd and aft units as well as the control panel.  This seemed like an awful waste of wiring.  I wanted to simplify this with one wire running to the air con area and feeding a terminal block for supplying the various pieces of equipment.  The picture below, although not taken to show the breaker boxes, does show one of them hanging off on the right hand side.

ShorePower 036

black breaker box missing its front cover can be seen on the right hand side of the picture.  The other breaker box was higher to the right.

I purchased a surface mounted system panel enclosure (3117) from Blue Sea Systems along with a 6 circuit terminal block rated for 30A (2506), cover (2710) and terminal block jumpers (9217).

The boat has three holes cut in the coaming, 2 for shore power connectors and one obsolete Marinco phone and cable TV connector.  I swapped one of the shore power connectors with the obsolete Marinco connector so that the shore power connectors occupied the 2 forward holes.

Then mounted the DEI galvanic isolator, that used to sit on the shelf in the lazarette, on the forward wall of the lazarette.  Next to that I mounted the breaker panel and cleaned up all the wiring.  Now at least my shore power wiring meets ABYC standards and the shelf in the lazarette is empty for the watermaker project (I told you it never ends :)).  In the pictures below you can see where the watermaker has been placed to ensure that the breaker panel door opens as required.

In the aft quarter berth, in the cupboard at the head of the bed, I installed the terminal block with jumpers so that each of the wires in the triplex wire leading from the breaker panel could feed three other posts on the terminal block, one for each AC unit and one for the control panel.  On top of the block I installed a cover to prevent te possibility of electrocution.

ShorePower 002


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