The Plan

Our intention is not so much to “sail around the world”, but to “sail to see the world”, so the plan is very much a work in progress.

Our journey will begin early in 2016, setting out from Kemah, TX across the Gulf of Mexico to Florida, and from there across to Cuba.  After that, back to the Keys and head up the east coast for the summer.  Once the weather starts to cool, we intend to head back down the coast over to the Bahamas and the Caribbean for the winter.

The following year, our plan is to make the Atlantic crossing, and spending time exploring the countries of the Mediterranean and Baltic regions.  Then back across the Atlantic to cruise the Eastern Caribbean before heading through the Panama Canal to start over with the Pacific  – crossing to New Zealand, Australia on through the Indian Ocean and up through the Red Sea to the Mediterranean to complete the circumnavigation.

One of our hopes is that we will be able to spend some time in a variety of countries, learning more about them and finding volunteer projects to work on while we are there.


9 thoughts on “The Plan

  1. Bob and Clare Perkins

    Moray and Debbie,
    So glad to hear that you’re planning on cruising. We are presently in New Bern, NC working on the boat preparing for our next phase of cruising. Our plan is to leave here in late March or early April and head up the east coast to Boston….at least. We’d love to see you guys and maybe cruise together for a bit. We’ll be following the colors back down the east coast then heading to the Bahamas on our way south to Grenada. Keep in touch and let us know where you are and how things are going.

    Bob and Clare Perkins
    S/V Sofira

    1. solpurpose Post author

      Bob and Claire,

      Glad you are both well and still in cruising mode. We do expect to heading your way as the weather warms. We also intend to go as far as Maine. It would be nice to meet up and cruise together for some of the way.
      We will keep the blog up-to-date once we start cruising so you will know where we are at any time.
      Moray & Debbie
      s/v Sol Purpose

  2. Dani Gibson (and Holly Navarro)

    Moray, Holly and I are meeting on onboarding, and while waiting for some workflow to populate, decided to check out your blog. #1) Congrats on your retirement!! and #2) Best wishes on your new adventure! We are going to check in on your blog from time to time to see where your adventures are taking you and Debbie! ENJOY!!!!!

    1. solpurpose Post author

      Dani. Thanks for the good wishes. Hopefully we can keep the blog interesting once we get going. I realize that the project list is not exactly engrossing reading but we have relied heavily on other people’s blogs for carrying out the project list and so it seemed only fair to share our experiences with other boaters. I promise there will also be beautiful sunsets and dolphins on the bow once we really set off 😀


    Greetings and salutations old firend :D. Reading your entries with joy, and I am really excited to see what comes next. One thing I was wondering, do you have anything that plots your current location on a map? It would be awesome to be able to follow your journey on a map 🙂

    1. solpurpose Post author

      Hey Ludvig. No we don’t have a live tracker. An example would be a Spot tracker. We just didn’t think it warranted the extra spending. I will work out how to post our track when we ha e gone as far North as we intend. I think I should be able to export it from our tracker and get it on the net somehow

  4. Varuna

    Hey Moray,
    I’ve been always fan of reading/following your Solpurpose to the letter and in fact few of my other colleagues are now interested in sailing too. 😊. In your “The Plan” I see you guys have plans of crossing New Zealand. If you ever come this way, please don’t forget to stop by. You guys are always welcome!


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