The Crew


Debbie grew up in Bristol, England.  Her childhood revolved around water sports, first as a competitive swimmer and later as a member of the Royal Life Saving Society.

In 1983 an opportunity arose to sail with the Ocean Youth Club (now the Ocean Youth Trust).  Debbie jumped at the chance and spent a wonderful week, learning to sail a 72ft ketch (Falmouth Packet) between Plymouth and the Scilly Isles.  Two other OYC trips, to France and Holland, followed.

In 1997, Debbie moved to Houston, TX where she continued her love of water sports by learning to scuba dive, becoming an instructor in 2012.  It was while assisting with a scuba class that she met Moray, and discovered that not only did he love the water, but was a sailor who had started his sailing journey with the Ocean Youth Club.

And the rest, as they say, is history!


Moray was brought up in Hong Kong and the UK. Once he left school he worked in Aberdeen whilst pursuing an Engineering degree in university.  While there, in 1985, he helped a friend with an auction to raise money for a trip to Africa.  One of the items up for auction was 7 days on the 72ft ketch, Taikoo, owned by the Ocean Youth Club, Scotland.  As no-one in the auction room wanted to purchase the trip he got it for a steal and so started his sailing journey

In 1996, Moray moved to Houston and through his work went on two charters.  One to Elba with the ECC ( in 2000 and one to Vancouver with the ECCO, a splinter group of the ECC, a few years later.

In February 2010 he decided to take up scuba diving where he was trained by the beguiling Debbie and they have been together ever since.  Later that year in August he purchased Sol Purpose and moved onto the boat full time.

Bob The Goat

While researching how to plan a menu/provisioning for a long cruise, I came across a passage in [enter book tille] which discussed keeping a live animal on board, in order to have fresh meat.  While I understood the reasoning behind this, the thought of tying a goat to the anchor and throwing it overboard in order to slaughter it struck me at first as terrible.  Then, when I explained this to some friends (over a few beers it must be confessed), the whole idea became funny and the idea of “Bob The Goat” was born.  He came to life on Christmas Day, 2012, when Patty & Dan Lee gave him to us as a gift.  Bob The Goat (BTG) will escort us on our travels and will add his comments to the blog from time to time!


6 thoughts on “The Crew

  1. John Frederick

    You and I are nearly neighbors. I keep Ananda (2006 Caliber 40 LRC) in Seabrook (LYC). You obviously have extreme talents and capabilities on boat projects. I could use some advice. I would like to install a teak paper towel holder / spice rack above the refrigerator/freezer between the two portals. Can you suggest a way to attach the teak back plate to the wall? West System Six10 perhaps? I am hesitant to use screws because of the thickness (or lack thereof) of the cabin top wall. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    John Frederick

    1. solpurpose Post author


      We actually installed spice racks in the same place and we did screw them in without issue. The PO had installed snaps for attaching curtains so we knew that it was possible. You are welcome to come around and take a look for yourself. Dock 13 slip 19 in Waterford.
      One word of caution… the only regret we have is that the steam/oils that rise from the stove do cause the spice jars to get dirty quickly and they need constant cleaning. Also if your spice jars are glass then you will find that the sunlight in the cabin causes the spices to age prematurely.

    1. solpurpose Post author

      Hi you 2. We are in O’Briens Cay today heading South to Compass Cay tomorrow. Will be at Big Majors probably on Friday. Will tuck in to Thomas Cay for the blow on Thursday. After that we will be heDing down to Georgetown for the 24th. You can find us on FB if you want to communicate easier.
      Hopefully see you soon

  2. christine A miller

    Hi Debbie and morsy, it’s chris and rasta in michigan. Enjoying your posts and blogs. We will be back on andros in july.


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